Friday, January 23, 2009

Last stand on Mount Singai

Since I've posted the main focus part of my travel to Kuching, Sarawak, this will be the last post on this trip just to round things up.

I am interested in macro photograph on subjects such as insects, flowers, and the like and one of the reasons I opted for this trip was that I was hoping to find some interesting subjects up on Mount Singai or along the way. But in this aspect, I was very disappointed. I did not find anything really unusual. Maybe it was because I did not venture out of the beaten path. The most interesting subject captured on this trip was this spiny spider, found near the Mother Mary Grotto in CMPC.

The other subjects were quite common and can be found everywhere else, if you care to look. First, three varieties of dragonfly. Don't know their names so those who know please drop me a comment.

A very common, photogenic wild flower and wasp.

I have visited many major churches in Western Europe and they are all very grand and awe-inspiring. So how do the much simpler churches in Kuching and especially the one on CMPC compare? Of course they cannot compare in terms of size and scale and the grandeur they project but then again there's beauty in simplicity. Maybe, the simpler churches are less distracting for after all, the main purpose of a church is a place for people to reach God and you'll find Him in the grandest church as well as in the simplest.

Ronald Kwok

p.s. My next post will be on my travel to sunny Spain. So keep viewing.

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